Citrus and Hernando County deputies bust married couple accused of 2 murders

Duane and Luequita Sclesky shared a life together, but are now in different prison cells.

The sheriffs of Hernando and Citrus counties say they carried out plans to kill two people: Jamie MacDonald and Kenneth Zikendrath.

"We don't have evidence to think that they sought these individuals out with the initial intention of taking advantage of them," said Hernando Co. Sheriff Al Nienhuis.

Pictured: Duane and Luequita Sclesky

Pictured: Duane and Luequita Sclesky 

But they say the Scleskys used MacDonald's credit card at an ATM after she was reported missing by her family on May 12th. 

As detectives in both counties were investigating her disappearance, they found Zikendrath's body in a wooded area off SR-50.

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He had been there at least a year.

The couple used MacDonald's credit card at an ATM, according to law enforcement.

The couple used MacDonald's credit card at an ATM, according to law enforcement.

"We didn't know he was missing. Nobody really knew," said Nienhuis. "They may have known he was missing, but nobody reported him. But obviously nobody knew he was dead."

The sheriffs say the Sceleskys were acquaintances of both Zikendrath and MacDonald, and soon, her body was found in a creek in Homosassa.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast holds up pictures of Zikendrath and MacDonald during a press conference on Monday.

The suspects had been living in a home off Tanager Court in Lecanto.

"They would get a hold of, as an example, the cell phone and change passwords for bank accounts and stuff so they could get access either prior to or after the murders," said Nienhuis.

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Duane Sclesky admitted to deputies that he has a temper, though law enforcement wouldn't say exactly how they believe he killed the two, or how the Sceleskys met their eventual victims.

The Scleskys lived in a home in Lecanto.

The Scleskys lived in a home in Lecanto.

They will only say the two victims were living what they call a "high risk lifestyle."

"They did not deserve to die that way," said Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast. "So if any of their friends or family are out there right now that know anything about their associates, there may be other victims out there we don't know."

Prendergast says they have no evidence to suggest there are more victims, but with Duane Sclesky's penchant for having a temper, "the potential for [more] victims is phenomenal."