Cleaning product continues killing novel coronavirus 30 days after application, company claims

Facility workers at Port Tampa Bay, where more than a million cruise passengers set sail last year, will use a new product called mPale in the terminals to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The product's South Carolina-based manufacturer, mPact Environmental Solutions, says mPale continues to kill the virus on surfaces for a minimum of 30 days. As of this writing, the mPact Environmental Solutions website was not fully operational due to increased traffic, the company says.

"If you look at [the cleaning product] under a microscope, it looks like a tiny bed of nails," explained Justin Evans of mPact Environmental Solutions. "It actually impales the wall of the cell, does not allow it to attach to the host, and disrupts any reproduction and doesn't allow it to propagate." 

According to BHS Environmental Solutions, mPale does not use chemicals like bleach or alcohol to kill viruses. Instead, it creates a positively-charged layer on surfaces. The layer acts like an electrically-charged sword that punctures and then destroys the virus particles. 

Workers at Port Tampa Bay clean surfaces with traditional sanitizers before applying mPale.

Port Tampa Bay president and CEO Paul Anderson said the terminals are deep-cleaned after every cruise leaves. Port authority cleaning crews added mPale to their deep-cleaning regimen last week.

Anderson said in the event a ship is quarantined at Port Tampa Bay, officials have designated a location where the ship would be moored. He didn't specify an exact location in the port.

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