Clearwater crossing guard reflects on 30 years of service

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With a whistle and nearly 30 years of experience, crossing guard Mary Hohimer provides some extra protection for families as they cross busy intersections in Clearwater to get their kids to school.

"I just love crossing the children and talking to them. I've done it so long. It just comes natural with me," said Hohimer.

She took this job years ago because of her own children.

"I wanted to stay home with them as much as possible so I started when they started kindergarten," said Hohimer.

She uses that motherly instinct in her job.

"Being here for the children, just talking to them when they need you and a lot of times they do that. They talk to you when they need to talk," said Hohimer.

To thank her for her years of service, Clearwater Police honored her with the crossing guard of the year award.

"Really honored to have it", said Hohimer.

She serves to protect with care and dedication.

"Yup I'm still doing it at 75. I hope I can do it for as long as I can," said Hohimer.