Clearwater For Youth scholarship program makes education dreams come true

With the help of funds from the Clearwater For Youth scholarship program, Ashley Holsten is walking through the door to success at St. Petersburg College.

She wants to be an elementary school teacher so she can instill in children what she already knows: education is important.

The SPC freshman said she would not be able to continue her own education without the help of the scholarship she received from CFY.

"They were able to supply me with a $5,000 scholarship so now I am able to go to college and not have to worry about my first two years," Holsten said.

The scholarship program has been around since 2006 and has given more than a quarter of a million dollars to high school seniors for their college educations.

CFY Executive Director Kasey Smith believes the program is working.

"This is kind of what keeps us going every day, is these opportunities to make a true impact in someone's life. To provide them that chance to better themselves and to better their family is certainly not something that we take lightly," she said.

For Ashley, it's helping make her dream of being a teacher come true.