Clearwater man creates ‘garden of paradise’ to balance ecosystem, educate community

Those in search of paradise can find it in Clearwater. Kamran Rouhani has planted and tilled the ‘Garden of Ridvan,’ at 2754 Sunset Point Road in Clearwater. Ridvan is an Arabic word and that means paradise.

The original ‘Garden of Ridvan’ was outside of Baghdad, but this 20-acre paradise is a simpler commute than that one.

"I wanted to create a balance within the ecosystem," shared Rouhani. "And that would become beneficial for the community."

Rouhani's vision is that families go to this community garden to learn all about planting organic fruit and flowers, and the benefits of eating healthy, organic foods.

He has put in the sweat equity too. 

"I've planted several thousand fruit trees and flowers and other plants and they all are doing great," Rouhani explained.

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The garden is divided into 19 zones with a natural pond in the midst of it. 

"Everyone is welcome, everyone is invited," said Rouhani. "We have 20 acres over here, and I wanted to make it... good for the community."

There's always activity on the site whether it be planting or harvesting or otherwise maintaining the growing plants of the garden.

Rouhani's plan all along was to get the community involved in growing their own food with venues like this garden.

"We can grow good organic food in communities like this," he stated. "Education mostly to train about eating organic and eating healthy." 

To see the growing tips and the community events they are sharing, visit the Facebook page here.


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