Clearwater police officers surprise 3-year-old boy on his birthday

Courtesy: Clearwater Police Department

When five Clearwater police officers arrived at Ezikiel Peńa’s house Wednesday afternoon with lights flashing, he excitedly rushed outside. The officers weren’t there to respond to a call; instead, they were there to celebrate the little boy's third birthday. 

The officers brought him gifts, including a little police car. Peńa is a big fan of police and wants to be one when he grows up.

Courtesy: Clearwater Police Department

Officer Nicolas Paloma, who helped organize the birthday party, was celebrating his 26th birthday. Together, he and Peńa blew out a candle and everyone sang happy birthday to both of them. 

Paloma said he hopes to be Peńa’s filed training officer in a few decades when he is old enough to become a police officer.