Clearwater woman with passion for volunteering helped clothe children for nearly 2 decades  

Volunteering is Judy Marley's passion. She started helping at Clothes to Kids 17 years ago. 

They provide new and gently worn clothes to children in need. 

"I have volunteered all my life, since I was newly married...When we started out, it was really small. It was just four of us volunteering and two of them were the people who started it," she said. "I see the results. I see the kids and the joy and it's just wonderful. It's worth it. Everything we do is so worthwhile." 

Jennifer Jacobs, executive director of Clothes for Kids, says Marley is a joy to have around. 

"Judy keeps us on our toes and she always brings just a ball of energy with her," Jacobs shared.

The 81-year-old indeed has plenty of energy: "I work out at least four times a week." 

Marley believes it's important that everyone gives back to their community. 

"I just love it," she chuckled. "I just actually love it. If I could do more I would do more. I really do love it."

A love of paying it forward by serving her community. 

"Volunteering gives me so much satisfaction and I have met some of the greatest friends of my life when I volunteer," she added. 

LINK: Learn more about Clothes for Kids on its website at


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