Clothes give kids a boost for back-to-school

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Back to school preps are underway and families on a tight budget can get free help at a place called Clothes To Kids.

Looking around this store, you would think it would cost a pretty penny to shop there. 

"Our mission is to provide new and quality used clothing to low-income are in crisis school-age children free of charge," Executive Director Jennifer Jacobs said.

Clothes to Kids provides clothes to kids free for students on free or reduced lunch.

"They get a pair of shoes. They get five new pairs of socks. Five new pairs of underwear, four bottoms, five tops, a jacket," Jacobs said.

Judy Marley is a 15-year volunteer and finds the experience very rewarding. 

"It's just fun. I love it. I love coming here. When I don't come I feel very deprived," Marley said.

Jacobs is proud of the thousands Clothes to Kids has helped. 

"It's so easy to get up and know that hopefully, we are helping kids go back to school with confidence and willingness and readiness to learn," Jacobs said.

Clothes to Kids helps kids look good and feel great about themselves.

"When we are dressed in something that we feel confident in and really ready to tackle the world we feel better," Jacobs said.

Clothes to Kids has three locations in the Bay Area. For more information, visit