Community mourns father targeted in hit-and-run crash

Pedro Aguerreberry is being remembered as a devoted father who worked with his young sons to master Cub Scout projects. 

The 42-year-old was on a bike ride with 8-year-old Lucas and 3-year-old Bennett Sunday morning on New Tampa Boulevard when police say Mikese Morse did a U-turn, aimed his car, and ran over them.

“It’s just profoundly sad, it’s heartbreaking and senseless,” said Christine Wilson, who met Pedro, his wife Meghan, and their children at preschool. “We’re heartbroken for their family. My son loves Lucas so much and they’re best friends.”

Neighbors say Pedro was always doing something with his sons -- washing the car, working on scouting projects, or bike riding, as they were doing Sunday when police say Morse hit them. 

“You can feel for the mother and how she’s going to have to pick up the pieces for this family,” said Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan. “You have an 8-year-old boy and 3-year-old boy who essentially watched their father die.”

Neighbors say Pedro just earned his MBA, was active in the homeowner’s association, but his biggest interest was his boys.

“He was a beautiful person, a beautiful family, his wife Meghan, his two children,” said Haydee Mora, a family friend. “It’s a tragedy. This has been a horrible tragedy.”