Construction workers surprise young cancer patient

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Each Friday, the kids at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg's infusion center have a Friday dance party to celebrate getting through their week of treatment.

Some Fridays, the construction workers who work on the building across the way join in, too, and this week, they made it a very special Friday dance party for one patient.

13-year-old Katelyne has been watching as the Skanka construction workers put up the new research facility next to the hospital from her hospital room window.

When the construction workers found out it was her birthday, they put up a special sign for her, and then they went to her room to surprise her! They brought her a sign and balloons.

Katelyne is seen in photos getting a little teary eyed from the surprise, and there were hugs to go around. 

The workers are building a brand new, 225,000 square feet, seven-floor research and education building. "Everybody here is really proud to be working on this project. We all understand that the type of research and education that will take place in this building, the researchers it's going to house, an opportunity to potentially cure some childhood illnesses is pretty close to everybody's heart," said  Todd Collier, General Superintendent.