Couple's karaoke performances of Nelly song 'Dilemma' goes viral

When Sarah Grossfield sings Kelly Rowland's part in Nelly's song "Dilemma," there's a reason it sounds so good.

"No matter what I do, all I think about is you," the lyrics go. "Even when I'm with my boo. Boy you know I'm crazy over you."

It's because she really means it.

"The words really just said what I feel about him," Grossfield said.

Her ability to tee-up her husband of 35 years, Jeff, during karaoke, so he can rattle off Nelly's part, has made them a sensation.

"Just about every time we go [to karaoke], we get the most applause," said Jeff Grossfield. "And then the last few months, the cameras started going off."

Videos taken by their daughter have gone viral, to the tune of millions of views.

"It is so outlandishly out of the blue for two old white people to sing a song like that," said Jeff Grossfield.

They now call themselves The Tampa Karaoke Couple on social media and say the fact that their singing can go viral, with millions of views, from a karaoke bar in a strip mall, shows the power of music to bridge differences.

"It makes me think I can bring people together," said Grossfield. "For a moment, when we were singing, and I saw the reactions of the people, it made me think, music has no color."

To be clear, these aren't first-timers.

They stole the show at their daughter's wedding with a rendition of "Ride Wit Me."

And they rehearse new songs all the time.

So if you want to go and take a ride with them, remember, he "plays his position like a shortstop" and "picks up everything she's hittin."

"I am just amazed we have gotten noticed," said Sarah Grossfield.

When she says she's "crazy over him," believe it, no matter how famous they get.

"To show people that can be them in 30 or 40 years, that is going to give them hope, that they can have the relationship we have," said Jeff Grossfield.