Couple helps families of pediatric cancer patients

Monica and Ryan Angel fill gift bags with everyday toiletries and a lot of love.

These bags will go to families who have children battling pediatric cancer.

It's a fight the couple's baby daughter, Emmi Grace, lost two years ago.

"We were surrounded by people who loved and supported us the entire time and we realized that not everybody was that way and not everybody had kind of the family support that we had," said Monica.

The couple founded Emmi Grace's Angels.

Their mission is to bring awareness and show support, even with the simple things. 

"Toiletries or maybe some small toys for the child and whatever they need to make their stay and their fight less stressful on them by eliminating all the other stuff they shouldn’t have to think about," said Ryan.

They carry on Emmi's memory through these gifts of hope.

"Bad things can happen and it doesn't have to knock you down and it doesn't have to knock you down completely. You can take it and make something good with it and you can make the world better," said Monica.

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