Couple proves it's never too late for love

Senior couples at the Town ‘N Country Senior Center danced the day away during a special Valentine’s dance Thursday. 

Maria Fernandez and Nic Russell were among the happy pairs. 

“I thought I would never fall in love again at my age. I was 77 when I met him.”

Russell enjoys the relationship too. He said, “It's absolutely fabulous. I’m a new person; I really am.”

They may move a little slower these days, but even at 80 and 76 Fernandez and Russell share an almost teenage passion. 

“I thought I was done in that area, but let me tell you it’s fantastic,” Fernandez said.

They met at the senior center. She was teaching Spanish and he was the student. Like any good love story, Cupid brought their hearts together and they've been sweethearts for almost four years now. 

“I hadn't anticipated something like this, but I enjoy life to the fullest,” Russell said. “Maria has taught me not to worry so much so that’s a benefit for me.” 

And as they danced the day away, you couldn't help but notice the looks they'd share back and forth. 
“She's my inspiration,” Russell said. “I smile more than I did when we first met, I wasn't smiling near as much,” he added. 

A reminder it is never too late for love.