Courtnee Brantley faces new charges

The ex-girlfriend of a convicted cop killer - who was supposed to begin a one-year prison sentence Monday - instead made an appearance in court on new charges.

Courtnee Brantley appeared in court Monday on charges of domestic violence and criminal mischief. She could spend up to six years in prison, if she's convicted. 

Brantley is accused of attacking her girlfriend during an argument and throwing a large piece of concrete at the victim's car.

Investigators said she did this while out on bond for federal charges, which will cause her even more legal problems down the road.

But Courtnee Brantley will always be known for being the ex-girlfriend of cop killer Dontae Morris.

She was in the drivers seat when Morris shot and killed two Tampa police officers during a traffic stop in the summer of 2010.

Morris was sentenced to death and is on death row.

Brantley was convicted for not telling the officers Morris, who was a felon, had a weapon that night. She was supposed start her one year prison sentence Monday, but the U.S. Attorney's office tells FOX 13 they will step aside and let the state deal with her first.