Craving a nap on Thanksgiving? Don't blame the turkey

We’ve all been there. You just finished your Thanksgiving meal and you’re hit with the irresistible urge to nap. 

We’ve been told our whole lives the amino acid tryptophan that is found in turkey is what causes us to catch some z’s after our Turkey Day feast.

But what if we told you that was an urban myth?

Yes, it’s true. Turkey doesn’t actually make you fall asleep.

While it is true that tryptophan is a natural sedative, you would have to consume large amounts of it-- on an empty stomach-- for it to put you to sleep. It would also need to be eaten with little to no protein, since protein limits its absorption into the bloodstream. And of course, turkey is a protein. 

The things that are more likely causing your drowsiness? Drinking alcohol and feasting on a carb-rich meal.

So enjoy that post-meal nap… just don’t blame it on the turkey.