Creative dad "hacks" the system to create the "most awesome bed ever" for his son

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The levels of creativity and more importantly cost, of children's bedroom styles can have you coughing up thousands of dollars. One dad hacked the system, and created his son the ultimate bedroom set.

Creative dad, Eric Strong thought it was time for his son to give up his crib for a more 'big boy bed', but didn't want to spend thousands of dollars. So instead he used IKEA furniture to create a bed set his son could only dream of. The new bed set comes complete with a lofted mattress, slide, a ball-and-pulley play system, a hidden chamber with a lookout window, and a sneaky trap door escape.

So what all did Strong use? It's easy, just the IKEA Kura bed,Trofast storage system and Besta shelving unit. The ideas then started flowing.

Strong's completed set, and what he calls an "IKEA hack" can all be seen in the video below. You can skip the madness and watch it all come together at the 4:30 mark.