Crocodile climbs into boat at South Florida marina

Video shows a crocodile trying to hitch a ride on a boat at a South Florida marina.

Nicolas Perez started recording when he spotted the crocodile in the back of a Sea Tow boat that was tied up at a fuel dock at the Black Point Marina in Miami-Dade County, WSVN reports.

"There is a new safety inspector in the marina!" Perez wrote on Instagram.

Bystanders could be heard laughing as the large reptile crawled moved around inside of the boat before eventually climbing out onto the dock.

The crocodile then briefly crawled under a boat on a storage block.

But when Florida Fish and Wildlife officers arrived, the croc jumped back into the water and swam away from the dock.

Perez said they often spot crocodiles swimming in the area of the marina, but said they don't usually jump into boats.

FOX 13 reported on this story from Tampa.