Cryotherapy chambers: a new trend in Tampa Bay

Have you ever heard of a cryotherapy chamber?  There is one at Physical Chiropractic of Tampa Bay.

"It's a device that gets your body exposed to -200 degrees Fahrenheit for about two and a half minutes," said Dr. Tommy Rhee.

That's colder than the coldest place on earth.       

"It is brand new cutting edge stuff -- but it works,” added Dr. Rhee.

The frigid nitrogen-cooled air sends blood rushing to your core where it becomes oxygenated and toxins are flushed.

"All that oxygenated blood that was in your core rushes to extremities. When it goes out there, it flushes out that metabolic waste that we have from workout," the Doctor explained.

That means faster recovery time. Collegiate basketball player Grant Townsend is using cryotherapy as part of his recovery from back surgery.

"I haven't felt this good since I've had my back pain. Doing this- cryo -it's crazy," he said.

FOX 13's Josh Cascio also took a spin in the freezer. He says it is a little like teleporting from sweaty Tampa to the Antarctic.

"Everybody has a goal. Either they have a marathon coming up in two weeks, or they want to play this Sunday for the rest of the year. It is about recovering," said Dr. Rhee.

Dr. Rhee says he is the only person in Tampa Bay that has a cryotherapy chamber.  He expects to see more as word of the advantages spreads.