Cuban freedom marches continue in Tampa and across the nation

About 100 demonstrators marched from the Cuban Club to Jose Marti Park in Ybor City on Sunday to show solidarity for the Cuban freedom movement.

Cubans are expected to march the streets of the island nation Sunday and Monday to protest the communist regime.

"They’ve organized a civic march, a protest inside of Cuba," said Alian Collazo, one of the organizers of the march in Tampa.  "It’s been very hard for them to go out into the streets because of obvious reasons but there are over 100 marches including here in the city of Tampa that is programmed to be in support of what is happening inside of Cuba."

Organizers say the demonstrations across the globe are helping give a voice to protestors in Cuba, while the government is trying to silence them.

"This is vital for one reason, the Cuban regime has told the Cuban people that no one is listening to them, that everything they are doing is in vain, and when we as everyday Cubans, or Cuban-Americans, or everyday people who have friends in Cuba, send them videos, news reports, press conferences of officials in the United States and outside of the world standing in solidarity with them, that sends exactly the message opposite to what the regime is telling to keep in people but this is going on," Collazo said.

Activists hope democratic governments around the globe, including the United States, work together to end communism in Cuba.

"The democracies in Europe they preach all the time about human rights, about all of these things, where are they when the Cuban people go out to the streets, this is their chance, this is their opportunity to stand in solidarity with meaningful ways to get the Cuban people the tools they need, specifically the Internet, so their voices can be consistently heard and not silenced by this regime," said Collazo.