Dead fish along Siesta Key not stopping visitors from enjoying the beach

In Siesta Key, flies can be seen landing on dead fish at beach access number seven.

"On Sunday we came and we noticed the smell and we saw the fish," Sarasota resident Cary Cotner shared.

Cotner wasn't the only one who noticed it. A few feet down the beach, Janelle Maciaszeki and her family who were visiting from Chicago, immediately noticed something in the air.

"Sunday when we got to the beach we noticed a tickle in the back of our throat and we were all collectively coughing," said Maciaszeki.

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High concentrations of red tide stretched from Turtle Beach to Longboat Key. On Wednesday morning, Cotner didn't feel the effects.

"We came for the sunset, or tried to last night, and it seemed to be okay, so we thought we would take a chance today. You can still see a few dead fish remaining but you don’t smell anything and the water seems to be clear," he said.

Impacts vary from beach to beach.

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"If you have respiratory issues, if you are someone who suffers from asthma or any other chronic respiratory issue please take this seriously as red tide does affect the respiratory system it makes breathing hard," said Steve Huard with the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County.

The Florida Department of Health put up signs across Sarasota County's 16 beaches warning of red tide being present. Dead fish stretching from Sarasota to Pinellas Counties concerns Congressman Charlie Crist, who is running for governor. He offered an 8-point plan which he called "Clean Water for All."

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"We want Florida to keep growing, that’s great for our economy, but we have to do it smartly," Crist said. "We have to be prepared and we have to enlist scientists to help us and make sure what we are doing is responsible."

As red tide sits off the coast, those visiting said it's an inconvenience they can get around for now.

"We are going to have a great time, move those dead fish out of the way and go play," commented Maciaszeki.

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