Decades-old class ring headed back to owner after dog digs up long-lost treasure

A woman will finally be reunited with her high school class ring after last seeing it more than 40 years ago, thanks to her fellow alumnae and a curious dog.

‘Caspar’ – full name ‘Jose Casparilla,’ as in the pirate – loves to dig holes outside his home in Odessa and chew on rocks. So his owner, Jennifer Smith, thought it was another regular day until she checked his mouth.

Inside she found a Leto High School class ring from 1981, the same year she graduated.  

Jennifer posted about the ring on Facebook to try and find the owner, and with the help of friends and their sleuthing skills, they located the woman.

"She said, ‘I lost that ring one month after I got it 41 years ago,’" Jennifer recalled. "She was telling me her parents were so upset with her and she said if they were still alive they would be very happy to get the ring back. I said, ‘Well, maybe your angels made sure you got your ring back.’"

The owner, Caroline, now lives in Lake City. She'll be reunited with her ring after Jennifer mails it to her.