Defense points to husband of woman accused of killing in-laws

Marisol Best's public defender Carolyn Schlemmer floated a theory to the jury during opening statements Tuesday.

"The evidence will show that Marisol Best would do anything, anything to protect her husband, Robert Best," said Schlemmer. 

She was implying Best would even take the fall on a double murder charge.

Investigators say back in November of 2015, Best admitted to killing her in-laws, Virgil and Shirley Best, because she was angry they weren't more supportive of their son who was facing child sex charges in Polk County.

But now the defense points the finger at Robert Best.

“You’re going to hear that Ms. Best's husband, Robert has been convicted of 38 felony charges. He has had a lot of problems," said Schlemmer,

Problems Schlemmer says soured his relationship with his parents.

“You will hear how Shirley and Virgil were very unhappy with their son, Robert, very disappointed in him," said Schlemmer.

The defense even told the jury police zeroed in on Robert Best at the very beginning.

But while the defense put Robert Best on trial, prosecutor Ron Gale focused on Marisol, telling the jury she told investigators she prayed with her in-laws and then went to her car.

"When she reached in the center console, she also grabbed the gun," said Gale.

Prosecutors say she then admitted going to the bathroom and saying ‘it is either them or me’ and she made her decision.

"The state is very confident that at the end of this case you will reach the only possible conclusion in this case that this defendant Marisol Best is guilty of premeditated first-degree murder,“ said Gale.