Depressions open in Pasco neighborhood

Emergency crews are monitoring a Pasco County neighborhood where three depressions opened up Friday afternoon.

Pasco County Fire Rescue says three homes along Neva Lane in the Gulf Highlands subdivision have been affected.

Crews worked for hours, as neighbors watched and waited. Some homes sat empty after residents voluntarily evacuated.

"I never thought there would be anything like this," said Tammy Giansante.

For the Giansante family it will take some time before they can return home.

"When I came home from work I was scared for my kids and my wife," said Tony Giansante.

Engineers were working to fix a sink hole at the Giansante home off Neva Lane in Port Richey, Friday afternoon and out of nowhere, three depressions on the same street opened up.

"My door cracked and it blocked me out from my room," said Cassey Giansante.

Down the street the holes opened up at two other homes. One of the depressions is 10 to 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep. Engineers filled it in with dirt and concrete.

"Sometimes they form in clusters, when one drops out it can destabilize some that are nearby and ready to drop out. They all go together," said Darrell Hanecki.

Darrell Hanecki with Hanecki Consulting Engineers said the fix is temporary.

They will have to evaluate the soil and structure of the home before they can come up with a permanent solution.

"We filled the sink holes in to stabilize them keep the side walls to continue to stuff in and the holes to widen out," he said.

The Giasante's are still shaken up, but will wait for engineers to come up with a permanent fix.

"I felt like the ground was hollow and I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could," said Cassey Giansante.

They said waiting is worth it, after all they are okay.

"I feel very blessed," said Tammy Giansante.

Residents who were voluntarily evacuated were allowed back in their homes Saturday.

Engineers said they will be back Monday working on a solution.