Deputy helps raise money to replace stolen trike

A Hillsborough County girl with special needs now has a new trike after thieves stole it from her home in June.

6-year-old Deshawna Pitts was born with a tumor on her spine, which left her legs paralyzed. She's had to use a wheelchair most of her life and had a specially designed trike that she could operate with her hands.

Deputies say someone entered the foyer of Deshawna's home and stole the trike. They never found it.

The investigating deputy was so struck by Deshawna's situation, he decided he would organize the funds to replace the stolen trike.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Riverview Chamber of Commerce, and the First Baptist Church of Riverview raised the funds and bought Pitts a new custom trike, which was worth at least $500. The original trike had been donated to Deshawna by the Shriners.

Deputies says the trike is designed to grow with Deshawna so she can use it for several years.