Deputy-involved shooting subject on home surveillance

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Home surveillance video given to FOX 13 Wednesday paints a clearer picture of what happened in the moments before a Hillsborough County deputy opened fire, killing a man.

Security cameras inside and outside Steve Leske's home were rolling as a man, later identified as Isaias Salgado, approached Leske's home Tuesday afternoon.

Leske said he could hear Salgado, 31, trying to get into his house.

"I looked out the peep hole, saw a cop car in my front yard and a gentleman running from my door towards the cop," said Leske, who was watching cartoons with his children just before the ordeal unfolded in his front yard.

In the surveillance video, Salgado can be seen picking up a brick and rearing back to throw it as he runs out of view.

Investigators said Salgado hurled the brick at Deputy Stuart Gray, who had just arrived at the scene on Oakridge Avenue. The rolled-up window on Gray's cruiser blocked the brick.

"If it would have been down, he would have gotten hit in the head," Leske said.

The deputy opened fire, killing Salgado. The moment that happens, Leske's children can be seen on the on interior surveillance video running out out of the living room.

"I told them to get into the back of the house and they all went to the back of the house," he said.

Leske would later learn this was the end of a wild scene that began at about 3 p.m. when, according to deputies, Salgado caused the three-car crash on Gibsonton Drive. The driver of one of the cars told FOX 13 his vehicle flipped four times.

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Investigators said Salgado ran from the accident to a nearby parking lot of a Lowe's Home Improvement store where tried to carjack two drivers. He then tried to carjack a third person in a Ruby Tuesday's parking lot.

Detectives said Salgado then made his way to Oakridge Avenue, about a mile from the crash scene, where he tried to break into cars and homes before his confrontation outside Leske's house.

"It happened so fast. Once the guy threw the brick and just kept charging and coming, he wasn't stopping. The guy was not stopping. He was there to do harm to the deputy," Leske told FOX 13. "The officer had no other choice. There just was no other choice."

Hillsborough investigators said a witness followed Salgado and helped direct deputies to his location.

"He potentially saved more victims from being injured or hurt," Col. Donna Lusczynski said during a news conference Tuesday. "This guy was trying, again, to get into someone's house where they were in at the time. And we were able to get here quickly due to his efforts."