Video: Deputy wrangles rattlesnake outside Florida home

A Southwest Florida homeowner is breathing a sigh of relief, and a venomous snake is back in the wild after a deputy captured the venomous varmint outside a Lee County residence. 

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies recently received a call about a large Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake near a home. 

Video posted to the agency’s Facebook page shows Deputy Jim VanPelt, who is licensed through FWC as a large constrictor contractor, wrangling the large rattler with ‘proper equipment'. 

The post states that post-capture, the snake was relocated to a desolate area.

The sheriff’s office asks people not to approach any venomous animals they may encounter. Instead, the agency asks for them to contact a licensed professional for removal. 

LCSO states that while Deputy VanPelt was able to do this without harming the animal, not all deputies are experienced, certified serpent specialists.