DeSantis pushes for better workforce education

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced plans to make it easier for students to earn a degree in Florida and transfer those skills to the workforce.

Speaking at Tampa Bay Technical High School, Desantis announced he's signing an executive order giving lawmakers a set of instructions about how to help Florida students get degrees and jobs.

"I think these are really bold, positive reforms. I think they are going to be positively received by the legislature," he said. "Our goal, again, by 2030 to go from 24th in the country to number one in the country when it comes to workforce education."

DeSantis wants lawmakers to devote $10 million to place students in workforce apprenticeships and another $26 million to state college programs that are aligned with the current demands of the job market.

The governor is also calling on the legislature to run an audit to determine which programs work best and are most deserving of the resources.

Another goal is for students to be eligible for associate's degrees as soon as they reach 60 credit hours at a state college or university; this could mean allowing students who drop out of a four-year university to transfer the credits they've earned to a state college.

"There's a significant number who do not achieve that four-year degree," DeSantis said. "If they put in the coursework, they've acquired some knowledge and skills to at least give them an AA degree, that can be very beneficial for them as they go out in the workforce."

It's unclear when lawmakers will address the governor's executive order.