Disney selling churro lightsabers, other limited-edition treats for Hollywood Studios anniversary

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They're already perfectly shaped for a delicious lightsaber battle. Now churros in Walt Disney World will look the part as well!

Starting Wednesday, Disney says it will sell limited-edition treats at Disney's Hollywood Studios in celebration of the park's 30th anniversary. Among the offerings: red or blue lightsaber churros, a Sorcerer's Hat cake, Incredibles macarons, and Mickey and Minnie celebration cupcakes.

The churros, already a popular snack at Walt Disney World, will be dusted in red or blue sugar and come in a special lightsaber holder. Any ensuing battles will be sure to send sugar flying!

Meanwhile, the Sorcerer's Hat cake is a lemon sponge cake with vanilla swiss buttercream, lemon curd and a white chocolate glaze. The treat is in the shape of the iconic hat structure that stood for over 13 years in the center of the park. The massive display was removed in 2015.

Also on the menu: a peanut butter and chocolate Kylo Ren cupcake, a Toy Story luxo ball made with mango mousse and banana sponge cake, and a variety of dessert cups in various pie and cheesecake flavoring options. 

No word on how long the treats will be available for, though Disney did say they will only be up for purchase for a limited time at Hollywood Studios.