Dog returned, now family pleads for return of ashes

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A Gibsonton family lost two of their most prized possessions when their home was burglarized this week. Now that they have one of them back, they are hoping the burglars will have the heart to return the other.

Harley, their one-year-old English bulldog, was safely returned Thursday after someone saw a post on social media by the people who bought him. The family arranged to meet them, and Harley was back safe and sound.

But the thieves also made off with a heart-shaped urn containing the ashes of Laura Beck's grandparents, and that remains missing.

It happened Wednesday when Beck and her husband were at work. Along with Harley, the thieves broke into their home and took the urn, several bottles of alcohol, and jewelry.

Beck says it's likely the thieves had no idea the silver box contained her grandparents' ashes. She says she has a locked mailbox with a very large drop box and just wants them to return it. "If you have it, just leave it. Just ride by, drop it in, no questions, no nothing. That's all I want."