Dogs strut in fashion show for Florida Poodle Rescue

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Oodles of poodles strutted their stuff in a fashion show, and it was all to raise money for Florida Poodle Rescue.

The organization has worked to save poodles across the Sunshine State since 1994.

"It's a wonderful family of poodle-loving people, it's a bond we all have in common," said foster coordinator Denice Pebler.

They've rescued over 9,000 poodles in the past 25 years, according to founder Tricia Robles.

"You name the reason, we've heard it or seen it," Robles told FOX 13. "Seniors at shelters are euthanized. There was one, a 12-year-old, 3-pound toy, completely groomed with a bow on her head that had been dumped -- because they got a new dog."

Robles said they've rescued dogs from puppy mills and from horrible acts of cruelty.

"We've had dogs that were found hanging by their necks from a tree that we cut down," she said.

Florida Poodle Rescue is run entirely by volunteers, who work to find loving "furever" homes from Miami to the Panhandle.

Board of Directors member Marina Kloppel said every penny raised goes to the dogs.

"Our vet bills are $140,000 approximately every year because we fix their splayed hips, we fix cataracts to give the dogs their sight back and their life back," she said.

The volunteers say it's all worth it to see the dogs thrive in their new homes.

"Knowing that they're where they're supposed to be to blossom, that keeps all of us going," Robles said.

For more information on Florida Poodle Rescue, visit their website.