Drivers arrested for street racing on Gandy Bridge

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Less than two weeks after street racing took the lives of a young mother and her child, Tampa police arrested two men they said were racing on the Gandy Bridge Saturday night.

"It's kind of mind-boggling that some people would do street racing after that," said Steve Hegerty, a spokesman for TPD.

Hegerty says the department has made 22 arrests for street racing since the start of 2016, but it's not always cut and dry.

"We actually have to see them doing it, and sometimes you know, if somebody calls us, they're long gone before we get there."

In this case, the TPD was already in the process of cracking down on the illegal act when two men from St. Petersburg were spotted by police. 

Michael Lemire, 27 and Michael Segler, 28, were seen racing each other on the bridge around 11:45 p.m., police said. Both are being charged with unlawful racing on a highway.

According to TPD, Lemire's children were in the car with him at the time. He also faces a child neglect charge. 

Tyrone Dayhoff has worked next to the bridge for 20 years, he says the drive across the bridge can be very stressful. 

"I grab the steering wheel really tight, and I pray," said Dayhoff. "Once I get over to the other side, it's like a big sigh of relief." 

The police department said it has been working to address street racing on the bridge.