Earth Watch: Bodhi Basics

A local woman is making some down-to-earth skincare products after being inspired by her dog.

Kim Vorperian has had sensitive skin her whole life. Many years ago she made her own skincare. It started with soap.

"They noticed how much my skin changed, my friends, my family," said Kim Vorperians, Owner of Bodhi Basics. "People would come up to me and be like I've got this skin issue, can I use some of your soap?"

Bodhi Basics was born seven years ago.

"Bohdi is my dog. It's a sand script word that means knowledge, awakening. That really coincided with my views on skincare," she said.

When you step into her shop on 9th Street North in St. Petersburg you're captivated by a unique smell.

"It's all the products mixed together. It's just pure essential oil making those smells. Things can just come from plants and they may smell even better," said Vorperian.

Natural beauty products are made in house and everything is preservative-free.

"Focus on organic ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or coloring. We've got soap, deodorant, chapstick, incense,  facial care, everything," she said.

"Colors  change as the soap cures. We have lemongrass soap. Another popular one is lavender mint," explained Vorperian.

There is even a pet-friendly soap called One Dirty Pup. All the product packaging is recyclable and plastic-free.

"I've never been in a community that was just so welcoming to local businesses, to people who were trying to make a difference.  Everybody's heart is really there with your business, so it's pretty cool," she said.

She's helping others with their skincare needs, with a little help from Mother Nature.

"People are getting more in tune and caring more about what they put in their body, put on their body. Everything is connected. When we focus on those things, it really helps in a spiritual way too," said Vorperian.