Eight-year-old hunter captures massive gator in Lake Kissimmee

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An eight-year-old Lake Wales boy is beaming with pride after he made the catch of a lifetime, and the first one for him, at the family's camp on Lake Kissimmee. 

Little Grayson was gator hunting with his father, Kevin, when Grayson caught his first gator, a large one at more than 11-feet-long, the night of Saturday, October 28. They were joined by Grayson's older brother, Gage and a family friend, Tony Lanucci. 

Grayson's mother, Lacey tells FOX 13 News the father-son pair have gone on gator hunts before, but this was his first catch. Kevin does guided hunts at the family's business, Grape Hammock Fish Camp on Lake Kissimmee.

In spite of their experience with gator hunting, Lacey says Kevin getting to see his son hunt and capture a huge one "definitely tops it."

"Grayson was beyond excited! [He] couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face," Lacey said. "Some grown men never get the chance at a trophy gator this size."

Lacey says Gage also captured a large gator - a 12-footer - when he was only 8 years old.

This family clearly has a knack for alligator hunting.