Elderly woman struggles to cross Sarasota road, so deputies gave her a ride

When a 94-year-old woman was trying to cross a Sarasota road, she ended up hitching a ride with deputies.

Employees with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office came across a special moment while heading eastbound on Bahia Vista Street. They saw a Sarasota County Area Transit bus pulled over, with its driver escorting an elderly woman across the four-lane road.

The employees said they turned around, and put their flashes on to protect them as they crossed the street. However, the 94-year-old became upset and confused at the attention. So, the sheriff’s office members called deputies for help. 

The deputies decided to give her a ride home. She was assisted into the back of the patrol car, and her walked was packed up into the trunk. Deputies shared video of the encounter onto the agency’s Facebook page, writing, “In case you thought law enforcement was ‘just a job,’ know that it means much more to those of us lucky enough to call it a career.”