'Enchant Christmas' elves hope to get lost lovie home for the holidays

Courtesy Aaryn Dempsey

Workers at St. Pete’s Enchant Christmas event are hoping you can help them with a small Christmas miracle. They’re trying to reunite a lost stuffed tiger with his or her human friend.

A lighting technician with the event, which is back at Tropicana Field this year, shared a photo of the lonely lovie, pleading for help from social media.

"Someone got separated from their beloved friend in the Enchant Christmas Maze at Tropicana Field in St Pete, FL sometime between 12/1 and 12/5. Please help me make this go viral so we can get this little buddy home for the holidays," Aaryn Dempsey wrote.

The picture shows a cream-colored tiger with dark stripes who was very obviously well-loved by a boy or girl somewhere.

Dempsey is asking users to spread the word.

"I’ve had the same bear since I was a year old and I understand the attachment, viscerally," she wrote. "My heart is broken for the kid that lost this."