‘End of an Era’: Duke Energy implodes stacks at Crystal River power plant

The stacks at the Duke Energy two-unit coal power plant, which has been a staple of Crystal River since the 1960s, were imploded Saturday morning. 

It took more than 350 explosives with a force of about 300 pounds to take down the 500-foot tall stacks, according to Duke Energy. 

The plant was retired in 2018 when Duke Energy transitioned to a natural gas plant. The two powerhouses consisting of boilers, steam turbine generators, drums, motors, pumps and pipes were imploded in June.  

Duke Energy says it plans to begin restoring the land by grading a seeding the site. 

Though the power company says it hasn’t decided how it will repurpose the property where the coal plant stood, it has no plans to sell it and says it will remain an industrial property. 


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