Engineers explore options to fix, re-purpose holes in Hudson neighborhood

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Engineers and surveyors were hard at work Wednesday as 20 depressions continue to grow in the Lakeside Woodlands community of Hudson.

They were running a lawnmower-like radar device over the ground to give them a literal picture of what’s going on beneath the surface.

Emergency management in Pasco County says neighboring homes are not in danger, but onlookers said they are still concerned.

“It’s spooky to think that you can own your home and all of a sudden it can be gone!” one homeowner told FOX 13 News.

Pasco Emergency Management doesn’t think that will happen, but is asking people to avoid the area marked near a retention pond.

The homeowner’s association hired engineers to run ground penetrative radar to grasp the scope of how to fix the problem and to get a picture of an underground cave system that is collapsing under the pressure of rain saturated topsoil.

Researchers from USF were also on-site, geo-mapping the holes with drone sensors to get a better picture of the situation above ground.

The community’s HOA says they want to fix the problem with, perhaps, concrete or making the holes into a new pond.

The county says this is a private property issue but are asking people respect caution tape.