Education, sport, and gaming combine at Tampa's new ESport club

More than 200 universities across the United States now offer scholarships for esports and professional gamers are making millions. Soon there will be a place in Tampa to get your kids ready for the growing competition. 

It’s called ESports Players Club and has dozens of high-powered computers with every game that co-founders Alex Matzkin and his brother, Josh could cram into this first-of-its-kind business, at 1802 W Kennedy Boulevard

Staff at the ESports Players Club will teach gaming, graphic design, and video editing. Alex says the teaching and coaching experience will be a big part of what the ESports Players Club will be all about.

"All of our guys are definitely extremely experienced gamers, but extremely effective teachers," says Alex. 

He and Josh are Tampa natives and graduates of Berkeley Prep who have succeeded in other entrepreneurial ventures. This is their first entry into gaming education. 

The ESports Players Club features an arena-style atmosphere to get kids to socialize, sometimes harder than gaming, according to Alex. 

"It’s really important for kids, especially in the youngest generation, where they have these incredible technical skills. I think where they’re starting to lack is in the social skills. We put them in a healthy, social environment to do it," says Alex. 

It’s membership-based, like a gym; $149 a month includes a number of classes or tournament entries. You can also buy a $30 day pass. 

Kids 10 years an older can be at the venue without an adult. There is no upper age limit. Adult attendees play in a separate gaming area. 

Alex says demand is growing as gaming becomes more lucrative. 

"The 2019 Fortnight champion won $3 million for that tournament, the same year, Tiger Woods won The Masters. He won $2 million," says Alex. 

He says taking gaming classes can put your kid ahead of the game. 

"They can have fun here and really learn something. I think we can check a lot of boxes," he says. 

They’re planning spring break camps, summer boot camps, and after school classes. 

The grand opening is scheduled for February 5. For more information, visit