Even Sheriff Grady Judd's gator-skin boots have a badge

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Some boots are made for walking, but very few are made out of gator skin and tailored for a Florida sheriff.

Not only did Polk County Grady Judd visit the White House, but he flaunted his custom-made boots, specially made for him. The lower half of the boot resembles the skin of an alligator and his agency confirmed they are, in fact, made of gator skin.

On Twitter, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office shared images of Judd’s boots, which are light brown, with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office badge and the name “Grady Judd” embroidered onto it.

The tweet read, “You asked – we delivered. Best boots hands down!”

Judd is in Washington where he met with President Donald Trump yesterday and was inaugurated as president of the Major County Sheriffs of America this morning.