Expert tips on best, most affordable pet nsurance

Caring for a pet can become expensive if your furry - or not so furry - friend gets sick, but it doesn't have to be thanks to an ever-growing list of pet care insurers. 

Pet living expert, Kristen Levine recommends having pet insurance, no matter what your budget, to help pet owners' focus on caring for their pets rather than worry about the cost. 

Levine says the first step in a pet owner's search for insurance is to check a website like for reviews from other customers and free quotes. 

Next steps would include considering any breed or species-specific health concerns to which the pet may be prone, as well as the age and medical history of the pet. 

Pet insurance provide Petplan provided information about possible costs associated with common conditions, with and without its pet insurance plans. 

Cancer (Petplan say cancer is its second-most commonly claimed for condition)

*Based on a plan with 80% reimbursement and $200 deductible


*Based on a plan with 80% reimbursement and $200 deductible

Foreign Body Ingestion

*Based on a plan with 80% reimbursement and $200 deductible

Petplan says it also offers 100-percent reimbursement plan and a $50 deductible plan, with which each of the above conditions would cost $50 to treat.