Explore uncharted waters with certified scuba divers

Anyone who has dreamed of exploration and discovery of a new world might be surprised to find unexplored worlds just off the coast. 

Beneath the water in the Gulf of Mexico offshore, scuba diving can take you to a world unlike any you've ever seen.

For those lucky enough to live in the Tampa Bay area, the water that surrounds us makes you wonder what’s really lying underneath. There's a local scuba shop where the staff wants to help you find out.

The owner of Jim's Dive Shop, Teresa Hattaway, started off as a customer, but as she got more involved in diving, she realized she wanted to make it her full-time job.

The folks at Jim's say there are shipwrecks and caves to explore, as well as reefs and sea life.

To learn more about underwater exploration, visit jimsdiveshop.com.