Extraordinary Ordinary: Bob at Metro Market

Jodi Berger got her very own personal shopper to help her pick out her groceries.

This isn't at Publix; it's the Metro Market at Metropolitan Ministries.

"It's like shopping at the grocery store. You just pick out what you want to eat and bag it and go on," said Berger.

The volunteer who helped Berger is Bob Kines. He decided to quit his corporate job and join the team to help others in need at Metropolitan Ministries.

"I was looking for something else that would meet a different need for me, and had run into someone who was working with Metropolitan Ministries who gave me a tour, and was impressed to the point where I left my previous occupation on a Friday-- and Monday morning, I was here", said Kines.

"I was so completely overwhelmed by the compassion that he has and the caring that he does. And to think that he has spent his career as a professional, then to spend his retirement volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries is so incredible and heartwarming," gushed Chief Programs Officer Christine Long.

Kines looks at his position as giving a hand up, not a hand out.

"The folks that you may be stereotyping that are homeless or in need are not at all like you think," said Kines. "It crosses all sections of society, all cross sections of folks who have been in various situations and just had an unfortunate happenstance that could happen to any of us."

Kines makes sure that the customer leaves not only satisfied, but uplifted.

"I take their groceries out to their car, and give them a hug if that's what's needed," said Kines.

To find out how to help Metropolitan Ministries, visit metromin.org.