Faced with shortage, trucking companies offer scholarships for new drivers

It's part of the supply chain problem: A shortage of truck drivers. Now, a Bay Area company is doing its part to turn that around.

Problems with the supply chain are causing frustration this Christmas. It is taking people longer to get what they ordered.

The unlucky ones are being told they probably won’t get their items in time for the holiday.

The trucker shortage is part of the problem. There are not enough new drivers coming into the industry to replace the older ones who are leaving.

About 1,200 truckers nationwide retire every single week. Trucking companies are only able to replace a small fraction of them.

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FleetForce, a driver training school in Winter Haven, just launched a new program to do its part.

Tuition there has been more than $6,000 for a month-long course. Now, new students won’t have to pay anything.

Trucking companies are so hard up for drivers, they are paying tuition for prospective ones at FleetForce – and guaranteeing that they will have a job after they graduate and get a license.

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"We have one of our top training schools, who is a member of the Florida Trucking Association, matching with the most well-respected trucking companies in the state. So we can really find the right fit and get these drivers on the road quickly," offered Alix Miller, CEO of the Florida Trucking Association.

FleetForce has two schools: one in Winter Haven, a second in Bradenton.

LINK: Get details at www.fleetforcetruckdrivingschool.com