Faced with too many flowers, florist chooses to brighten people's day

Bloomingdays Flower Shop owner Christine Vasconcelo was faced with a scary dilemma when customers started canceling flower orders. 

"I kind of cried and said, 'This is horrible,' and I said, 'I don't know what I am going to do.'" 

Christine had paid for the flowers and couldn't return them to the distributor. So, she put an ad on social media to give the flowers away. 

"I called my  friends and said, ‘Come in, we are going to make bundles of flowers and give them away,’" said Christine. "They said, ‘Are you crazy?’"

The kind act brought sweet joy to the lives of others. 

"People were crying, you know, saying, ‘I needed this. I've been at home. I'm lonely.’" 

Christine believes she might have some blossoming future employees. 

"People send me picture  of palms on their doors. The flower arranging that they have done, which I was like, I might have to hire some of these people,’ she chuckled. “They did such a great job."

She believes it is important to think about others during the fight against the coronavirus. 

Now, she is hoping to do something special for nurses on Nurses Day, May 6.

"We just need to make sure that we do things for others. it’s just about our business, our little world. We have to get outside that box." 

LINK: More info: www.bloomingdays.com