Faith in Action: No String Attached Ministries

Christmas morning is just days away. While many of us will be spending it in the comfort of our own home surrounded by family, one faith-based Bay Area group will be out on the streets of downtown Tampa offering the gift of love to the homeless. 

Since 2007, the volunteer group No Strings Attached has spent the months leading up to the holidays collecting gently-used clothing. Then, on Christmas instead of spending the morning opening gifts, they get out on the streets to personally hand out clothing to the homeless.

While it may seem like the basics, No Strings Attached founder Andre Kirwan says to someone living on the street, it's a gift of hope.

"Those are things we take for granted. We just wake up, take a shower, change, out the door. To hear the struggles of someone in that situation, that's just dignity. That's just human dignity. It's heartbreaking to the degree that you want to do more," Kirwan says.

No Strings Attached is still collecting clothes for christmas. For more information, visit