Family can win one-night stay in LEGO House

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A life-sized LEGO home can become one family’s private playground for a night.

Airbnb and LEGO House are holding a contest for the kids and kids-at-heart. For one night, the home, located in Billund, Denmark will be one family’s home for the night on November 24.

The 12,000-square meter house is filled with 25 million bricks, and will closed to the general public for that night. Winners will first arrive to the home to meet Jamie Berard, an experienced master builder.  For lunch, they will be challenged to build food orders out of bricks. It will be sent to the kitchen to prepared into real food, and will be served by two robot waiters.

After, winners will have the house to themselves where they can explore areas like the “Tree of Creativity,” built by hand from more than six million bricks and the “Masterpiece Gallery,” a showcase of LEGO creations from fans worldwide. There is also a basement of iconic LEGO sets and the living room is complete with LEGO armchairs and a TV.

When it’s time to sleep, there is even a floating bed beneath a LEGO waterfall.

In order to enter, families are asked to answer, “If you have an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?” The contest ends on November 16.