Family of man shot at Clearwater gas station challenges Stand Your Ground decision

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The family of a Clearwater man gunned down last week during a dispute over a handicapped parking spot publicly called for justice Tuesday.  The shooter hasn’t been arrested or charged because he’s protected under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Fighting back tears, Markeis McGlockton’s mother says her 28-year-old son was creative, talented and always put his family first.

“Markeis was a loving father, he was a very good son,” said Monica Moore.

Along with their heartbreak, McGlockton’s family is outraged the man who pulled the trigger walks free.  They think Michael Drejka should be behind bars.

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“Take a look at the tape, you take a look at the tape, it clearly shows when that man pulled that gun out, Markeis stepped back, that guy had full control of that situation right then and there,” Markeis’s father, Michael McGlockton said.

That control and the nearly five-second pause before firing are some of the reasons attorney Michele Rayner says Drejka deserves to be charged for the killing.

“You can’t provoke a fight and then hide behind Stand Your Ground because that’s really what’s happened,” Rayner said. “There was no imminent danger that Mr. Drejka was going to die, there was no weapon that was brandished. Mr. McGlockton was not armed.”

The legal team also believes Drejka’s past run-ins with the law and his alleged history of confronting people at the Circle A Food Store can be used against his Stand Your Ground claim. They’ve launched their own investigation, and want to put pressure on the State Attorney’s Office to take a long and thorough look at this shooting.

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“We’re asking the office of Bernie McCabe to file charges against Mr. Drejka because if not they’re sanctioning a murder,” said Rayner. “Plain and simple.”

Several lawmakers have also spoken out, urging the state attorney to reject Stand Your Ground as a defense.

Family members tell FOX 13 News McGlockton’s funeral will be Saturday, July 28 at 11 a.m. at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Largo.