Family returns to DUI crash scene a year later

Three sisters returned to the intersection where their 64-year-old brother Doug Simpson and his 53-year-old wife Chris were killed by a drunk driver on last Thanksgiving night.

"We love you Doug and Chris," said Kathy Cerra. "It has been a long year."

The couple was on their way home from holiday dinner when they were hit by a Porsche that was going a hundred miles an hour down Central Avenue.

"It makes your heart pitter-patter," said Cerra. "It makes you get nervous inside just to think of the magnitude and the horror of what happened here."

Police accused Anthony Neeley of being nearly twice the legal limit.

He is going through pretrial hearings, and there's no trial date yet.

That could take another year.

They've learned courts take longer to bring salvation than grief does to set in.
"We want him to be held responsible," said sister Sally Mamas.