Family wants to thank mystery Good Samaritans who helped at crash

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Amber and Kevan Nanton spent part of their afternoon playing with their three sons. It's just a regular day, but when you come close to losing it all, it's a special day.

Amber received a phone call Thursday that her husband, sons, and two dogs were in an accident.

"It was just terrible," she said. "The car seats were hanging. It's not something -- I don't wish that on anybody."

Kevan and the kids were 10 minutes from home when a car veered into their lane on Durant Road. He had no choice but to swerve off the road into a ditch to avoid a head-on collision.

"The next thing you know, I was upside down and then the next thing you know, I just felt water," explained Kevan. "As soon as I heard the kids crying and screaming, then it really started coming all together."

The boys' screams brought about a moment of relief because it meant they survived.

Then Kevan saw shoes outside of his Ford Explorer. Some Good Samaritans had stopped to help them get out.

"I just reached back, unbuckled them one by one, and just handed them out to whoever was outside," he said. "I had no idea who it was. I just had to trust they were good enough to stop, so they were good enough to take care of my kids until I could get them to safety."

These Good Samaritans stuck around long enough to wipe the mud off the three boys, but the Nantons never got to say "thank you," and they would like to.

"If it wasn't for you, I don't know what would have happened," said Amber. "I would have woken up today with everything that I have, so thank you for stopping."

"Thank you for saving me and my dogs," said the Nantons' youngest son, Caleb. 

Unbelievably, Kevan and the kids walked away with barely a scratch on their bodies. The worst they suffered was a burn from wearing the seat belts that helped save their lives.

The driver of the other car that veered into the Nantons lane never stopped to check on them.

If you're one of those Good Samaritans, the Nantons would love to say "thank you" in person.