Family's puppy taken by Amazon driver returned after 4 days

A FOX 2 update about a family's pet puppy who appeared to be taken by an Amazon driver. The pup is back with its owners tonight -- but the journey to get there was anything but easy.

"I didn't think she was coming back I am going to be completely honest I didn't think she was coming back," said Maurice Gunn.

It’s been four stressful, sleepless days and nights for him and his family.

"At the end of the day this is the equivalent to a child to me, and a lot of people as well," he said.


On Thursday FOX 2 showed you home surveillance video of Mauria, this very expensive puppy. She wriggled out of her fenced-in backyard in Center Line, but stayed right nearby.

Her rare coat caught the attention of an Amazon driver. You can see him, with the dog in his arms, he loads her up and drives off without bothering to ask neighbors where she belongs.

"I know how valuable these dogs are, I have seen multiple situations where they've turned up missing or people have taken them," he said. "I just didn't know it was at this high of a level. How people have taken them - but I didn't think it was at this level at all," he said.

After our story aired – Maurice says he got a message on social media from a man who said he got the dog from a friend, the Amazon driver - but the man didn’t realize it belonged to him.

"He said he watched a news article. Him and his wife watched it and they already knew from there and they felt really bad about the news story," Maurice said.

Center Line police were the middleman Friday morning – retrieving the dog from the guy who reached out to Maurice and delivered her home.


"I'm happy there is good people out there and they don't mind doing the right thing," Gunn said.

We were there – when Maurice shared the good news with his 5-year-old son who was heartbroken, she was taken.

Center Line Police say this case is closed, no one will be charged. And for Amazon – we reached out again to get clarification on the driver’s intentions they never returned our emails. 

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